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Bioprocess Control is a market leader in the area of low gas volume and flow analytical instruments for biotechnology related applications. We invest in innovation and development of smart instruments that allow for more efficient, reliable and higher quality research and analysis, leading to significant reductions in time and labour. We ensure the highest product quality throughout our portfolio, and focus on being service minded and always meeting the needs of our customers.

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Bioprocess Control has quickly become a technology and market leader in the area of advanced instrumentation and technologies in the biogas industry, for both research and commercial applications. We value good and long-term relationships with our partners, supporting them to grow and reach success.

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Welcome to Bioprocess Control's stand and join us the BMP tests pre-conference in AD16: BMP tests - a key tool for AD research and practice!

Join us the pre-conference at 16th IWA World Conference on Anaerobic Digestion to learn the recently published guideline and two international inter-laboratory studies on biomethane potential (BMP) tests.


Optimising the biogas process and beyond - Interview Dr. Jing Liu by Water Industry Journal about his work in the realm of anaerobic fermentation analysis

An editorial interview of Dr. Jing Liu by Water Industry Journal in UK about his work and Bioprocess Control's contribution in realm of anaerobic fermentation analysis - a key tool for anaerobic digestion research and practice!


Analytical instruments ahead of the field

As the early pioneer of automatic apparatus for the biogas industry, Bioprocess Control has forged ahead in the provision of smart analytical instruments in the 13 years since its foundation. Read the article from Water Industrial Journal about Bioprocess Control and its precision instrument for biogas.