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Applications of low gas flow measurement in biogas, animal feed and wastewater analysis

Whether you need data for research or business decisions, we offer reliable instruments that can generate analytical data rich in both quality and quantity. Academic researchers, engineers, food producers and plant operators worldwide use our products to find new substrates, optimise their production processes and estimate the commercial value of biowaste.

Animal Feed & Nutrition

If you are working in research and development on animal feed, diet formulation, nutrients or supplements for ruminants, you can rely on Bioprocess Control’s Gas Endeavour to provide accurate and precise volumetric gas production measurements for various in vitro digestibility analyses.

Wastewater Treatment

Whether you are a researcher or an operator working with wastewater treatment processes employing a side- or mainstream Anammox process, it is crucial to have access to highly accurate and precise data to get insight into the growth of Anammox bacteria and their nitrogen removing activity and efficiency throughout the start-up phase and daily operation of the process. Bioprocess Control also offers a solution to measure the BOD in a simple and efficient manner.