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Bioprocess Control is one of Sweden’s hottest cleantech companies with exports to over 60 countries around the world. The company offers a portfolio of exciting and innovative products for conducting biochemical methane potential (BMP) tests, substrate analysis, process simulation, gas flow measurement, as well as a series of bioreactors.

Bioprocess Control has quickly become a technology and market leader in the area of advanced instrumentation and technologies in the biogas industry, for both research and commercial applications. 


We value good and long-term relationships with our partners, supporting them to grow and reach success. As a Bioprocess Control partner we offer you:

  • Product training
  • Sales support
  • Marketing support
  • Product support for you and your customers
  • Bioprocess Control Partner Conference

Join the Bioprocess Control partner network and take part in this innovative industry together with a company in the forefront of new technologies and solutions.

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South America

Mr. Fernando Figueiredo
Tel: +55 (31)35812621
Tel: +55 (31)999942326


China (Mainland)
Nova Skantek Environmental Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd
Mr. Chao Li & Ms. Honglei Liu
Tel: +86 (0)1062127596

Elixir Technologies
Ms. Pallavi Elixir & Mr. Raghuvamshi. S. Rao
+ 91 80 23566236/46/54

Sankyo International
Mr. Shuichi Tanaka
Tel: +81 (0)336628100

Korea (South)
Youngchang Turbotech Co., Ltd
Mr. Chang Kim
Tel: +82 (0)70 7004 1216 / 7

Vector Biomed Pte Ltd
Mr. Mike Lee & Ms. Fion Saw
Tel: +65 8290 4413 




Can't find a distributor in your country? Don't worry, we sell worldwide. Just contact us.


Finland, Estonia
Kim Söderman Oy
Mr. Kim Söderman
Tel: +358 (0)407367500

Labo-M Solutions
Ms. Lucile Macchi
Tel: +33(0)3 44 14 46 58 or 
+33(0)6 76 95 25 75

Nawaro Ltd
Mr. Ragoncza Ádám
Tel: +36 1 370 1786

Italy & Spain
Sustainable Technologies
Mr. Mario A. Rosato
Tel: +34 659 959 671 

Noxon AB
Mr. Jerzy Buczma
Tel: +48 58 664 82 48

United Kingdom, Ireland, Isle of Man & Jersey
Biogas Optimisation UK
Mr. Richard Beechey
Tel: +44 (0)1704500878


Australia & New Zealand
Royce Water Technologies Pty Ltd
Rodney Wellings
Tel: +61 (0)428571234


South Africa
Jezreel Eduscience
Jacques van Onselen
Tel: +27(0) 21 976 7711 or 0861 79 77 74 (SA callers)

Value added Partners

Digester Doc LLC
Will Charlton
Boise, ID 83709
Tel: +1 208-920-6000 and +1 208-731-3234

Weber Entec GmbH & Co. KG
Christian Eichhorst
Tel: +49 (0)7243 72 88 98 1